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I installed H&R's on the front only on 10.31.04. Originally I planned to install all four, but the install on just the front offers a drop that's nearly precisely exactly even - 27 1/8" in front and 27 1/4" at the rear. It's not as low as the Progress drop I had previously, but


it rides smoother and I have had no issues with bottoming out, even with a rear seat full of friends. Of course, this should be expected with stock springs in the rear.

Also, the car strangely handles better than it did with the Progress drop even though only the front H&R springs are installed with stock springs on the back. There is very little body roll and the car feels much more responsive and tighter than stock. After running Illuminas on 2 all around with the H&R's on the front and stock springs in the rear, I decided to try the stock struts since the H&Rs are a mild drop up front anyway. I found the stock struts offer a superior ride, comparable performance, and less noise. Illuminas were quickly sold.

UPDATE - 6.20.07 - I'm still running this setup and couldn't be happier. Even stance, stock-like ride, and no issues with the stock struts. I have every intention of keeping this setup as long as I keep the Max.



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